Vantrix Message Optimizer helps protect millions from Android Stagefright MMS threat

By Stephen Doherty - October 14,2015

For over 10 years now Vantrix Message Optimizer has helped wireless service providers around the globe deliver MMS content, optimize their bandwidth, and protect users from malware. We’re pleased to report that this solution is now helping protect phone subscribers from an MMS vulnerability discovered in the Stagefright component of the Android operating system.

With this vulnerability, malicious text commands can be embedded into the headers of audio and video files (MP3, MP4). These compromised media files may be put into MMS messages and sent to users. Once on a device, the malicious commands can send themselves to all of the contacts on that device via MMS messages.

How Vantrix Message Optimizer helps protects from the Stagefright threat

Vantrix Message Optimizer is software that sits within the network of wireless service providers. One function it provides is to ensure that MMS messages are compatible between the sending and receiving device. It does this by transcoding the audio, video and image content of each message. During this transcoding process, Vantrix Message Optimizer completely rewrites the media file’s header and content—and in doing so removes malicious commands.


When this threat first came to light, our engineers updated our software to make sure that all relevant media, not just incompatible ones, went through our transcoding process. We also enhanced and tested our transcoding engine to ensure that it was not susceptible to any of the threat scenarios.

We have successfully assisted major North American and European operators in testing and deploying Stagefright protection on their MMS infrastructure, and are now helping them protect over 50 Million subscribers.

Vantrix Message Optimizer is fast and easy to deploy, and because it runs on OpenStack, a cloud computing framework that enables software virtualization, it can be rolled out quickly on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) resources, in both private and public cloud scenarios.

How you can protect your subscribers

If you’re a wireless service provider and want to know learn more about how Vantrix Message Optimizer can protect your subscribers from the Stagefright MMS threat, contact us today, and we’ll be glad to set up an online meeting to discuss your specific situation.

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