Vantrix Bandwidth Optimization demo featured in HP booth at MWC Barcelona a great success

By Louis-Alexandre Bergeron - March 27,2015

I was lucky enough to attend the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona. Vantrix was one of a handful of third parties to be invited to showcase a solution in the HP booth. The booth was packed throughout the duration of the show, and we were excited to demonstrate our Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer (BWO) solution running as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) on HP's Open NFV architecture.

BWO, part of the Vantrix Media Platform gives mobile operators the ability to surgically optimize video and other data-intensive traffic flowing over their networks, so they can maximize both revenue and quality of experience.

During the event we showed BWO being controlled by the HP VNF director running OpenStack for orchestration (administration and cloud service functions) and VM management.This architecture gives mobile operators a flexible way to manage their network resources, and cope with the daily and cyclical fluctuations in traffic volume.

Vantrix BWO VNF3.png

Fig 1. HP’s VNF Architecture: Vantrix solutions run as VNFs including Vantrix BWO

Challenge/Solution for Mobile Network Operators

We spoke to a number of operators at the event all facing the same challenge, as they witness first hand the massive growth of video traffic traversing their networks. How do they give their subscribers a great quality of experience, while minimizing the impact on revenue generated from data consumption? The answer is to deploy a solution like Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer (BWO), which optimizes traffic based on pre-defined policies. By optimizing with surgical precision it's possible to maintain great quality and maximize revenue at the same time.




Fig 2. Key features and benefits of Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer

MWC Vantrix-HP Demo Outline

Here are the details of what we actually showed at MWC:  We demonstrated running BWO as a VNF in HP’s OpenNFV infrastructure. Vantrix showed how easy it was to initiate a virtual BWO instance via the HP NFV Director, and steer traffic via the Router VM. Vantrix then showed how the BWO instance could monitor resource utilization.



Fig 3. Vantrix BWO routing workflow

The next step in the demo was to show how the BWO application could optimize mobile video traffic based on pre-defined policies. The core part of the demo showcased how network traffic was indeed optimized. The video had a 20% transrating size reduction applied while maintaining the visual quality. Throttling was also applied to the download of the video, capping the download speed at the media bitrate.

Here is the demo which shows the file size and download time reduction:




Fig 4. Vantrix BWO running as a VNF on HP’s OpenNFV infrastructure reduces file size and download time

Vantrix BWO can sit in one of three different network locations between the mobile GGSN and the internet. It can be hosted in the proxy server, in the DPI or directly inline (bump-in-the-wire). This gives operators great flexibility and scalability as they look to optimize bandwidth across their network.


Fig 5. Multiple ways to deploy Vantrix’s BWO solution in mobile networks

It was great to be able to clearly demonstrate how Vantrix BWO running as a VNF on HP's platform and give operators the control they need to drive bandwidth efficiencies, maintain QoE goals and maximize revenue. If we didn't get the pleasure of meeting with you in Barcelona, just contact us if you'd like to set up a demo of BWO in action. Or you can learn more about our solution or about HP's Moonshot platform or OpenNFV architecture by using the links below.

Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer

HP Moonshot

Download the HP OpenNFV Whitepaper




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