Vantrix Video Transcoder Now Available in IBM Bluemix

By Vantrix Marketing - November 09,2016

Bluemix developers can now easily set up and manage video processing in the cloud with Vantrix Transcoder Free Plan, available here

Available now
“We are pleased to launch our broadcast quality transcoding solution with IBM Bluemix, leveraging our already-available video platform in IBM Softlayer and allowing us to reach a larger audience within IBM’s developer community” says Kjell Kolstad, VP, Cloud Services at Vantrix. “It’s easy to get started – using your Bluemix account, just search for Vantrix Transcoder, then start ingesting video assets, pick a preset, choose output location and go!”

Mark Noppe, VP, IBM Cloud, Canada, said “We wish to welcome Vantrix to the Bluemix community. With the massive and growing video consumption in media and entertainment, there is clearly demand for advanced video solutions. The Bluemix development platform is the perfect place for organizations seeking to explore new services such as the Vantrix Transcoder”.

The Vantrix Transcoder offers a proven broadcast quality transcoding solution with ultra-high performance, an intuitive user interface and a rich API. Simple and powerful to use, video asset managers can set up their own presets and quickly transcode large jobs. Developers can integrate complex video workflows with an open API. 

The Vantrix Transcoder is built on the same architecture as our carrier-grade system that has been used by many video service providers for years. It offers graphics acceleration for ultra-fast video transcoding and supports the most common video formats, protocols and codecs. 

Key benefits
With Vantrix Transcoder, you gain the advantages you need to thrive in today’s demanding video marketplace:

    1. Ultra-fast speed: Get the benefit of graphics acceleration to maximize video transcoding throughput and minimize latency.
    2. Multiscreen capability: Benefit from wide support for different input and output formats and codecs for delivery to any device.
    3. Flexible control: A software defined engine with rich configuration options lets you create your own presets, change advanced parameters, ensuring control of your output.
    4. Cloud economics: By doing your transcoding in the cloud, you avoid the need for additional capital investment.
    5. Future-proof solution: The Vantrix Transcoder is prepared for new video formats including 360 Virtual Reality (VR), giving you the agility to meet changing demand and capitalize on new opportunities.

New customers can easily try out a transcoding workflow without any commitment, and can scale dynamically to larger server configurations on demand.

Future Proof
The Vantrix Transcoder is the first of many Vantrix microservices to be virtualized and made available as cloud services. These include business intelligence and analytics, Just-In-Time Transcoding, packaging, caching as well as 360 VR video services. Contact us to learn more:

About Vantrix
Vantrix is a global leader in next generation video services for transcoding and 360 virtual reality systems. Since 2004, Vantrix products have been deployed across 75 networks, serving over 1 billion subscribers worldwide.

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