Vantrix and Tamaggo announce partnership for new 360 Social Ecosystem

By Vantrix Marketing - April 20,2017

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Tamaggo, a social ecosystem offering a new way to share your life and connect with people. While posting content on social media has shifted towards shaping another self and magnifying one’s life, Tamaggo aims at authentically showing the reality of the moment and bringing people together as if they were sharing the same experience at the very same time.

Tamaggo 360livecam enables you to capture immersive 360° photos and videos, and share live streams in high quality resolution, naturally mirroring real life.  All it takes is one simple click, without framing, rotating, stitching or stabilizing. 

360° photos and videos are easily viewed and managed through Tamaggo intuitive app and can be shared on any mobile phone, tablet, VR mask or on generic platforms supporting 360° such as YouTube or Facebook.

Live streams can be sent to any chosen contacts who do not need to install a specific app to view. This allows friends, family or colleagues to feel as if they were with you in real time.

 The whole ecosystem has been designed to be user-friendly and instant, including the camera with its unique and intuitive touch screen, and the application with its straight forward user interaction and robust cloud backend.

 "We are very excited to be working with Tamaggo to bring innovative new 360 VR  social products to market. The combination of Tamaggo's social ecosystem together with Vantrix's media processing and delivery prowess makes for a compelling end-to-end offering that I am sure consumers are going to enjoy, and we look forward to seeing the new creative ways they begin incorporating 360 video into their lives." says Jean Mayrand, Vantrix CEO.


Vantrix Cloud 360

Offered in both SaaS and License models, Vantrix Cloud 360 enables enterprises and application service providers to rapidly deploy their live video streaming service. Whether it be a consumer product wishing to stream to popular social communities such as Facebook Live and Youtube Live, or an industrial application requiring streaming within a private community or network, the flexible set of APIs and Video formats result in an easy to use and comprehensive platform for anyone wishing to create a live streaming broadcast service or application.

 Functions include:

  • Comprehensive set of APIs for service and stream management
  • Transcoding and packaging from upload format to the suitable formats for consumption
  • Recording, Storage and Playback of sessions
  • Transformation of 360 Videos
  • Integration and simultaneous streaming to popular social live streaming networks
  • Integration with CDNs for large scale distribution


For more information please contact either Vantrix at or Tamaggo at 

We will also be attending NAB  2017 in Las Vegas April 24-27, so please reach out to set up a meeting.

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