Steve Waskul reveals game changing solution during NAB interview with Vantrix and HP

By Jeanette Mifsud - June 25,2015

This year’s NAB show was very exciting for Vantrix as we showcased a joint solution with HP that provides ground breaking media processing performance. Our CEO, Jean Mayrand, along with Dr. Tom Bradicich, HP’s VP of Server Engineering, had the opportunity to be interviewed by industry expert Steve Waskul. Together they shared the highlights of how Vantrix software can leverage HP’s ultra-high-density platform to yield impressive results for operators, broadcasters and OTT providers.

So for those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend NAB or watch the interview yet, here’s a quick synopsis.



A heritage in video and commitment to innovation yields impressive results

Jean explained how Vantrix’s long heritage in video processing has enabled us to develop and refine carrier-grade technology that far exceeds industry benchmarks for performance, flexibility and scalability. Since 2004 Vantrix has been helped operators worldwide deliver video to a growing number of devices with limited bandwidth using a range of adaptive bit rate (ABR) protocols. Jean also highlighted that we’ve been working with Intel for 3 years and with their media SDK for their Iris™ Pro graphics chipset since its release. This collaboration enables us to uniquely tap into the power of the GPU and make that power available as a flexible virtual resource. In addition, he mentioned our long-time commitment to OpenStack and making all of our software components available as virtual network functions, to give our customers the maximum flexibility and to enable efficient resource utilization.

All roads lead to high performance

Dr. Tom Bradicich set the scene for what the HP® Moonshot server platform offers—up to 45 cartridges packed into a 4.3 U box that combines Intel® E3 Xeon® core processing power with the Iris Pro graphics chipset on the same silicon, along with all of the switching, power, cooling and management capabilities required to deliver the kind of performance that even impressed industry veteran Steve Waskul. So what kind of performance are we talking about?

Jean pointed to one of the demos we were running at the NAB show where a one-hour movie was transcoded into multiple ABR formats in 30 seconds. Or to describe the density in another way—imagine 450 1080p live streams at 30fps being processed concurrently.

Steve was not the only one who was impressed with how Vantrix software can achieve such throughput. Tom pointed out on several occasions how HP were very excited to work with pioneers like Vantrix and Intel to push the boundaries of the technology and deliver the breakthrough performance gains that video service providers will need to succeed as demand for multi screen video soars.


Vantrix software running on HP Moonshot hardware provides breakthrough media processing power

Roll out massive media processing power in days

Steve quizzed the interviewees on just how long it takes to deploy the Vantrix / HP solution. The answer was as impressive at the platform’s processing power. Thanks to the virtualized architecture and modularity of the system, the solution can be rolled out in a matter of days. Jean explained that customers can buy the complete platform directly from HP, and enjoy a high level of support from the Vantrix engineering team.

Vantrix software on HP Moonshot servers yields flexible, scalable power

One theme that surfaced throughout the interview was that the unique combination of Vantrix media processing software running on HP Moonshot hardware gives service providers massive power that’s both flexible and cost efficient.  Jean explained how the platform has the flexibility to simultaneously handle different media processing tasks and to seamlessly allocate more resources to jobs as demand changes throughout the day, for example transferring horsepower from VOD processing to live streaming for popular events or content.

Tom pointed out how it’s possible to run up to 4 servers per Moonshot cartridge to ensure the highest and most cost efficient degree of utilization. To quote Tom directly, HP’s goal for customers is “Use all you buy and buy only what you need”.

A game-changing solution for video service providers

The discussion transitioned into what it’s possible to do with the massive media processing power that the Vantrix / HP solution provides. Jean explained that for many scenarios it’s now much more cost effective to transcode content ‘on the fly’ versus transcoding and storing possibly hundreds of different versions of the same content and packaging as a request is made. Jean pointed to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan that details how just-in-time transcoding can reduce TCO by half over a five-year period versus the traditional just-in-time packaging approach.

From the interview it was clear that all participants understood that the Vantrix / HP joint offering is a game changing solution for video service providers. See the full interview online at and contact us to learn more about how your organization can get the massive, flexible media processing power it needs to succeed with multiscreen video.

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