Vantrix Brings Cities Together With Real Time 360 VR for 2017 Rogers Cup

By Vantrix Marketing - October 27,2017

Every year the Rogers Cup by Tennis Canada is hosted simultaneously in Montreal and Toronto. In 2017, as an added value to the event visitors, Vantrix provided real-time, high quality 360 VR streaming of centre court action between the two cities.

Vantrix PRO25 cameras were installed near a corner of each court, and the video streams were sent between the sites with Vantrix Cloud360. Visitors at either site could go to the Rogers Fan Hub to watch the videos on the Samsung Gear VR/S8 headsets.


"For Vantrix this was a great opportunity to demonstrate the product and get some real world exposure and feedback", said Stephen Doherty, VP of Cloud Services at Vantrix. 

Ben Makarenko, Director of Marketing at Tennis Canada said "We were excited to bring Vantrix to this year’s Rogers Cup presented by National Bank and it was a rewarding partnership. Working with Vantrix, we were able to provide guests with a world-class virtual reality experience connecting our Montreal and Toronto tournaments. The technology really enhanced the event by giving spectators something they couldn’t experience anywhere else, and it was well-received by all who tried it out." 

 "The Rogers Cup event was another success for our cameras and end-to-end live streaming system. It was great to see visitors to the Rogers Fan Hub express their excitement, and actually coming back to watch complete matches. Our system worked in varying weather conditions, ranging from full day sunshine to intense rain", said Kjell Kolstad, VP of 360VR and Camera Systems at Vantrix. 


The goal of the technology is to stream live sporting events or concerts directly to the home such that people can be sitting on their sofa while being virtually transported to the front row of any major event.


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