Vantrix Announces PRO1000FPS Camera for High Speed Capture and Slow Motion Virtual Reality Playback

By Vantrix Marketing - December 12,2016

MONTREAL, Canada – December 12, 2016 – Vantrix, a global leader in next generation video services for transcoding and 360 virtual reality systems, today announced the Vantrix PRO1000FPS camera, its newest broadcast-quality camera for 360 capture and VR delivery.

The Vantrix PRO1000FPS camera is purpose-built for high speed capture and slow-motion playback, and is optimized for live sports replay and studio capture where high quality slow motion playback is required. Vantrix is previewing the PRO1000FPS at the SVG Summit in New York, December 12-13. 

“We are delighted to announce the Vantrix PRO1000FPS camera”, says Vantrix CEO Jean Mayrand. “The PRO1000FPS enables an important use case for VR - combining high input quality with frame rates up to 1000 frames per second, enabling sports broadcasters and studios to deliver slow motion playback to users with VR headsets and as a second screen experience.”

Vantrix 360
The Vantrix PRO1000FPS camera complements the Vantrix 360 glass-to-glass system for immersive VR content capture, cloud processing and delivery to a player for VR headsets, mobile devices and TV.

Camera capture
The camera’s panomorph lens outputs distortion-free 360x182° video that requires no stitching, reducing post processing time significantly without quality degradation, a common issue in stitched video feeds. A control station performs all the camera functions including aperture control, focus and color grading.

Live streaming
The camera generates a hemispherical video feed, which is processed by the control station and prepared for livestreaming via the cloud, and/or handoff to broadcast systems. Local recording for Video-On-Demand playback is also supported.

To preview the Vantrix PRO1000FPS, visit Vantrix at the SVG Summit in New York, December 12-13 

Contact for more information.

About Vantrix
Vantrix is a global leader in next generation video services for transcoding and 360 virtual reality systems. Since 2004, Vantrix products have been deployed in over 75 networks, serving over 1 billion subscribers worldwide.

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