Canada Science and Technology Museum In Ottawa Opens With Immersive Footage From Vantrix PRO Cameras

By Vantrix Marketing - November 21,2017

The National Film Board of Canada (ONF) used Vantrix PRO25 cameras to capture footage used for the November 17 inauguration of the  Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. The immersive film sequences shown at the entrance lobby "video wall" and outside massive wall includes footage ranging from underwater scenes and waterfalls at Rawdon, to the inside of a metal smelting factory, and wheat fields peacefully moving with the wind.  

Said Jean Mayrand, CEO of Vantrix, "It's a pleasure to work with the creative teams at NFB and we are proud that our technology is chosen again for a world class showcase like the opening of the new Science and Technology Museum".





Comments from Rene Chenier, NFB: "Large format production takes its essence in the designer's vision, it's the starting point. This vision is the editorial line to develop throughout linear execution. From the beginning, Ingénia has been identified as the meeting of three universes, namely sciences, technologies and the world of cinematographic art. The main idea was to create a moving fresco designed for a unique architectural form consisting of a trapezoidal LED screen and a digital horizontal facade. A real challenge of conceptual and technological fusion. The production goal was to understand this irregular geometric shape in order to tell our story and create a dialogue between the LED screen and the facade, as if two characters were communicating on stage.

Ingénia is comprised of a well-seasoned team with exceptional production experience which has given the company an artistic dimension by mastering their applications. It was still necessary to master the museum's mapping system so that the creative content could be deployed according to Philippe Baylaucq's concept. To get there, the NFB team and the museum team had to be one, so that the mapping would give the best possible results, I would even say to success in reaching projection and lighting system limits. Along the way, we also suggested the addition of a sound design to the LED display so as to bring the projection to life. In addition, Ingénia allowed the opportunity to renew a partnership agreement for the use of the Vantrix PRO25 camera, whose imaging results inhabit the LED screen in all its brilliance."


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