Diving with Mario Cyr and the NFB at Les Escoumins, QC

By Vantrix Marketing - February 22,2018


Vantrix had the opportunity to bring our Vantrix PRO25-AQUA underwater VR camera system to a unique and well-known place in Eastern Quebec called Les Escoumins. Situated close to the famous whale-watching location Tadoussac, this is a great dive site for capturing sea life in beautiful lighting conditions and good visibility. Bruno Colpron, Director of Photography at Vantrix, commented "Working with an experienced diver like Mario Cyr was a rewarding experience that allowed us to demonstrate the full potential of the technologies developed by Vantrix. His positive and constructive comments will allow us to bring our camera to a level of quality unmatched in the field of underwater capture 360."  
Said Mario Cyr, "It was a good day to dive in Les Escoumins by -20 degrees! It's always nice to be in this sanctuary. We tested the brand new 360-degree PRO25-AQUA camera from Vantrix, a Quebec company. A wonder! Finally, we will be able to film in VR with 5K underwater. I also took the opportunity to make images for NFB as part of a project for the Ottawa Museum of Science and Technology." Mario Cyr has done more than 12,000 dives and traveled to the Arctic 36 times. 
Said Philippe Baylaucq, filmmaker and writer, "Nothing is quite as immersive as being under water! As a backdrop for a piece I am directing for the Canadian Museum of Science & Technology, on the theme of Fisheries and Oceans, I needed some original 360˚ footage. I was optimistic that we would be able to convince renowned cold and deep water diver Mario Cyr to discover the possibilities of the Vantrix underwater camera. Needless to say he was delighted to jump in and brought back a grin and some wonderful footage of the the icy waters of the St Lawrence off les Escoumins north of Tadoussac. The light of a brisk and sunny winter day was perfect to reveal the sea urchin and anenome bed."

Rene Chenier from the NFB said, "A long tradition of the NFB rests on its important assets (13,000 titles) in the art of telling stories. Another great feature of this unique institution is its dynamism in discovering technological innovations for the benefit of its production work. What is more natural for the NFB to entrust a prototype semi-spherical capture camera (Vantrix PRO25-AQUA) for the production of a trapezoidal screen work at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. Underwater images at the service of art and science for the general public"

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To read more about Mario Cyr's underwater adventures, see this website or here 

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