Learn about 8 must-have technologies for next-gen multi screen video

By Vantrix Marketing - February 06,2015

Every report you’ve read over the last few years on multi screen video tells the same story. Growth, massive growth—both in the number of video starts and in the length of content viewed. Not only is the amount of video flowing over provider networks growing at a dizzying rate, but the live streaming and time-shifted services that today's consumer demand are putting even more strain on limited resources.


Combine that with an increasing proliferation of devices and the prospect of 4K looking large on the horizon, and you see a perfect storm brewing for providers, as they struggle to make their traditional media processing platforms cost-effectively scale and flex to meet demand.

With consumers having more choices than ever of where to spend their entertainment dollars, it’s clear that poor video quality and limited services simply won’t be tolerated, when better alternatives are just a click or swipe away.

The good news in all of this turmoil is that video processing technology already exists that will help service providers meet the challenges of this dynamic new multiscreen video landscape.

Read the new e-book from Vantrix - "8 Must Have Technologies For Next-gen Video Processing Solutions”, and learn about the strategic solutions that can be deployed today to lay the foundation for profitable multi screen video business.

This concise, graphical piece covers how deploying strategic technologies such as virtualized video processing, cloud-enabled architecture, ultra-high-density COTS hardware deployment options and an open transcoding pipeline can help win and retain subscribers, while dramatically decreasing OPEX and CAPEX.

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