Breakthrough live streaming 6K 360-degree video from single lens steals the show at IBC

By Vantrix Marketing - September 12,2015

We’re just back from IBC in Amsterdam, and happy to report that this year’s show was our busiest and most exciting IBC event ever. Our booth was packed for the duration of the event with content owners, broadcasters and pay-TV operators, all keen to take a peek at the ultra-high-density media processing solutions we were showing.

For those of you not lucky enough to be at the event, here’s some highlights of this year’s IBC:

Visitors amazed by breakthrough new immersive 360-degree viewing experience

Industry executives were lined up to experience firsthand a cool new way to view and interact with video. Using technology from Vantrix and ImmerVision, visitors to the booth could immerse themselves in live video footage from the event, and pre-recorded content from NASCAR, PGA and the NCAA. Visitors experienced a whole range of features such as pan and tilt, zooming and being able to ‘fly into’ the action, on Android devices as well as a virtual reality headset.

Everyone was amazed at how this 6K 360-degree viewing experience transported them right into the pits at the racetrack, or enabled them to get up close and personal with athletes on the basketball court. Broadcasters and content owners immediately saw the possibilities that this kind of solution offered, and with just one camera able to deliver all of the action—they understood that this great new way to experience video could also be rolled out cost effectively.

It was fun to see everyone’s reaction; including Colin Dixon’s from nScreenMedia. He included the technology in his article, “One of 4 cool products too good to miss at IBC”.

If you missed the demo, don’t worry—you can read this article to learn how the technology works, or contact us to arrange your own demo.




InterDigital & Vantrix: Huge savings in bandwidth, no difference in quality.

We were also excited to be able to work with InterDigital to show their perceptual pre-processing solution, PerceptFX, integrated into our pluggable media pipeline.

PerceptFX works to reduce bandwidth by removing image data that the human eye can’t see. At the show we had two monitors side by side showing the same video. One was showing video optimized with the InterDigital pre-processor and the other played the original content. We asked people to guess which one was which—no one could tell!

Tests from InterDigital show that up to 60% bandwidth savings can be achieved with UHD content. This is just one example of how Vantrix’s open transcoding architecture can help video service providers deliver high quality multiscreen content while reducing costs. Learn more about how Vantrix and InterDigital technologies work together.

Sneak peek at Vantrix Cloud

IBC attendees were amongst the first to see Vantrix Cloud in action—our new transcoding-as-a-service With this solution any organization can tap into lightning-fast and cost-efficient media processing whenever they need it. We had some great feedback on our user interface and learned firsthand more about how video service providers and enterprise organizations will leverage this on-demand power to cost-effectively deliver multiscreen video to their audiences. Learn more about Vantrix Cloud

Vantrix highlights the power of the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator

Vantrix was invited to be on the Intel booth to demonstrate the power of their new Intel Visual Compute Accelerator (Intel VCA). Using accelerated virtualized graphics processing, Vantrix Media Platform running on Intel VCA can deliver simultaneous real-time VOD or live transcodes.



The Intel VCA card packs a serious punch with 3 Intel® Xeon® processor E3 with Intel® IrisTM Pro graphics, and up to 96GB of DDR3 memory. Vantrix Media Platform taps into the power of the GPU to deliver impressive performance. The combination of this powerful accelerator card and Vantrix ultra-high-density media processing gives video service providers the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency they need to deliver increasing volumes of multiscreen video content. Learn more about how Vantrix leverages the new Intel accelerator card.


If you’d like to learn more about any of the media processing solutions we showcased at IBC, please contact us. We’d love to arrange a demo for you.


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