Vantrix Open Sources Free HEVC Encoder

By Vantrix Marketing - April 07,2014

Working Code Released to Accelerate H.265 Implementations

MONTREAL, Canada — April 7, 2014 — Vantrix, a global provider of high performance media delivery solutions to service and content providers, today announced the creation of an open source version of the H.265 encoder, calling it the F265 project. The project aims to accelerate the industry-wide development and adoption of H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).

H.265 is the successor to the industry standard H.264 codec used for video compression. The new specification, ratified in 2013, provides for double the data compression ratio of H.264 while ensuring the same level of visual quality. It is expected to be a major driver in the adoption of 4k Ultra High Definition and beyond by reducing the amount of transmission bandwidth required versus current standards.

Vantrix’s F265 encoder will be licensed under the OSI BSD terms, enabling access to source code, free redistribution, and derived works. The intent is to encourage both researchers and commercial entities to contribute to the refinement and evolution of the code to accelerate the implementation of both software and hardware systems.

The project will initially target high quality offline encoding, but will not be limited to this scope. It is designed from the ground up to maximize quality and performance in offline and real time scenarios using recent hardware technology and interfaces such as the Intel® AVX2 instruction set.

“Similar to our own implementation of an H.264 encoder in the past, we’ve been developing an HEVC encoder since the final drafts of the specification in 2013,” noted Jean Mayrand, Vantrix CTO and co-founder. “We now have a working baseline version and are seeing impressive compression results. We also know there is plenty of opportunity for improving real-time performance and expanding the feature set, and therefore believe everyone will benefit from a collaborative effort to accelerate development. The F265 effort attempts to make this collaboration as easy as possible.”

The F265 project site is in the process of being finalized and those interested in being notified of its availability can sign up at

Vantrix will be demonstrating their HEVC encoder with hardware partner Kontron at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, April 7-11 in the Intel Partner Pavilion in the North Hall Booth 11D.

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