Webinar: Solving the Mobile Video Optimization and Monetization Conundrum

By Vantrix Marketing - February 12,2014

We'd like to invite everyone to the LightReading webinar: Solving the Mobile Video Optimization and Monetization Conundrum. This 60 minute webinar will be held Tuesday February 18th at 9AM Pacific Time. This webinar will be presented by Vantrix, Intel and Kontron and will feature the following speakers:

  • Don Vendetti- Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Vantrix.
  • Sven Freudnfeld- Director, Business Development, Telecom-Cloud at Kontron
  • Keith Critchley- Solutions Architect, Intel Corporation
  • Alan Breznick- Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading

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Webinar Synopsis:

Today’s mobile video challenges range well beyond the growing number of connected devices on the network. With both wireless carriers and cable operators competing for the same consumers wanting to watch content anywhere at any time, the foremost question is how to manage and optimize mobile bandwidth and compute resources to deliver quality content to any device on the network. That question looms ever larger now as providers deliver HD video and look to carry such high bandwidth, compute-intensive video formats as 4K and potentially 8K.

Current mobile video optimization solutions are simply inadequate. The business case for optimization is suspect because transcoding is expensive while the cost and scalability of purpose-build solutions are major concerns. Further, most mobile operators can’t monetize OTT video because they don’t understand the nature of the traffic, its delivery quality, and the subscriber behavior driving it. Plus, operators face the challenge of evolving to next generation networks with SDN and NFV capabilities, but with few real-world examples to help them plan effectively.

While everybody’s talking about the impact of mobile video’s exponential growth on network capacity and subscriber quality-of-experience, nobody’s really doing anything about it. But now that’s about to change. In this webinar, Intel, Kontron, and Vantrix will present fresh solutions to these problems, highlighting such approaches as:

  • A high-density transcoding solution for video optimization that cuts the raw CPU footprint needed by 4x, significantly bolstering the business case.
  • A high-performance Big Data platform that cuts processing time in more than half, enabling rapid analysis of video traffic data that can drive optimization and monetization.
  • Cloud virtualization of high-density, general-purpose computing hardware across multiple applications.

Topics: Mobile, Optimization

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